Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He was a Daddy before he was a Daddy

In honors of Father's Day, I wanted to take the time to recognize my husband and what a great Father he is and WAS even before we were physically parents.  

I am truly blessed to be married to a man who is so dedicated to his family.  He is an amazing Father.  Our schedules don't allow us to have much family time but he is home everyday during the day with Avery.  They go for walks, he takes her shopping, they bring be surprises at work, he bathes her, he cuddles with her, he LOVES her.  As much as I hate that we don't see each other through the week, I KNOW that out of all of this, AVERY is the one who is blessed.  She is with 1 of her parents literally every hour of the day.  These days, I just don't trust anyone to keep a babysitter.  

The title of this entry is "He was a Daddy before he was a Daddy".  I think this stands true for any couple who battle infertility and go through treatments.  I see how dedicated Ross is to our family now and it was no different before we had Avery.  He went to EVERY single appointment when doing treatments including blood draws, he watched the screen closely during ultrasounds, he held me when I was in tears because a cycle didn't go our way or had to be cancelled, he took time off of work when he needed to, he took a class on how to give me injections, he gave me my injections and reminded me to take my pills, he held my hand through ALL off it.  As I look back, I knew then that he would have been a great Father..but those were amazing signs at how he was going to be with our daughter.  He did what it took while battling infertility PLUS more and it never stopped.  

Father's Day and Mother's Day used to be 2 of the hardest holidays when battling infertility.  Now? They are incredibly amazing and we cherish the opportunity to be able to celebrate them as parents.  He always made it a point to still get me a gift and a card from our future sweet is that?  He always seemed to have more hope than I did, and looking back I appreciate it..then? Not so much :)  

This is a short post, but I knew I needed to take the time.  I am so blessed and I am so thankful that Avery has such an amazing daddy.