Saturday, August 15, 2009

12 weeks :)

WOW! I am to a point I never thought I would ever be at! 12 weeks! I am so incredibly blessed and feel so much better knowing that once I finish out my 12 weeks I will officially in the 2nd trimester! This is so big!

One year ago I completely gave up on trying, and I thought for sure that we would never be parents. Here we are, blessed beyond I could have ever imagined! This evening was spent with my Mother-in-law and we went around looking at all of the baby stuff. I was even more excited just looking at it and actually KNOWING that it is real. It's such a different feeling going into a baby store and knowing that in just a little while, you will have a little one to buy for. Before when we used to go it used to be sad. We never knew if it would happen or not, though we always had the bedding and everything we wanted..but of course it would always be discontinued. That was always a harsh reality..when the bedding you love is discontinued. We had tried for so long we probably went through a ton of bedding we loved. It's a weird rationality..but it's so true. Now, the crib we liked I think is discontinued..BUT it's okay, because I know that we actually get to really buy one this time.

I have been feeling pretty good! I can't complain at all, not that I would because I am just so blessed and thankful. *Knock on wood* I haven't thrown up ONCE! I have still been really tired but the worst part I think is the food adversions. I can't eat a lot without it grossing me out so I stick to a lot of cereal. But even that is starting to get old. I think it will all go away shortly, but I will take whatever I receive! I'm just so thankful and so excited. I can't wait for our next ultrasound, which probably won't be for another 6 weeks or so, but I'm just excited to see what this little one is :)

Okay enough blabbing for now, thanks for reading!



Alex said...

CONGRATS! That is a huge milestone and to have made it through with no pukes, WOW! So happy for you Jenn!!! Can't wait to start seeing baby bump pics!!! :)