Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little miracle is 1!!

Hey everyone!!  

Well, I know I've been MIA lately but life here has been SO crazy!  We moved into a new house in February and then only had about 3 weeks to get Avery's 1st Birthday party all together.  The move went great and her birthday and party went even better!!

On Friday (her actual birthday), we did a few errands to finish up getting ready for her party..but not before I made her a pancake breakfast!  In the evening we went and had dinner with Ross's family to celebrate and finished the night by coming home and letting her tear into a cupcake!  (For practice for the big party, of course!)

On Saturday we had her actual birthday party and it was GREAT!  We had over 50 people come and it went as smooth as it possibly could with that many people in 1 house!  The theme was "1 Big Apple Birthday".  For those of you who don't know, New York City is VERY special to us, as that is where the clinic was to where we traveled back and forth about 15 times for an IVF clinical trial.  We figured we would chose it this year since it's one of the birthday's we actually get to choose :)

Here are a few pictures:

So, there are just a few pics!!  I will post later about how Avery's doing :) Which, btw, she is doing GREAT!



Anthony and Ashleys Mommy said...

happy birthday to a very special girl!