Monday, January 19, 2009

The world lost one beautiful baby..but Heaven gained one AMAZING angel

I just got back from going to baby Gabby's calling hours. It's just so sad and unfair.

She was absolutely beautiful, looked just like a baby doll. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful, so perfect. It was hard to believe the struggle that she had been facing for the 2 months of her couldn't tell. She had perfect eye brows, perfect hair (from what I could see that was under the hat), perfect lips. It's just not fair for Leslie and Scott to have to go through this. They are amazing people as well as amazing parents and they don't deserve this either.

Leslie is my hero for appearing to be so strong tonight. She said something that really stuck with me and she said that she believes that the good ones don't stay long, and that Gabby must have been a REALLY good one. I totally believe that. Baby Gabby is in heaven and is now an angel and I feel the title of this blog says it all. The world lost one beautiful baby, but Heaven gained one AMAZING angel. Gabby is now watching over her baby sister Natalie and her mommy and daddy. She is now able to live freely without the tubes or without the IV's. She is able to roam freely and play with baby Hailey.

I'm just so sad for them, they are great people and I just pray that they will find peace and strength. That they can forever remember their baby Gabby but with a smile instead of a frown.

I will pray for them as I have been.