Friday, February 6, 2009

A little hope? PLEASE GOD!!!

Well, I am hoping that something amazing will work out. A dear friend, Ana, from mybabyish posted and said there is an IVF study in New York City, so she sent me the info and I have "applied" if you will. The first bit was only a few questions and then I received an e-mail telling me to log in and complete a longer health summary. However, at the end it said that they will contact me with the date of my first right off the bat, my hopes are UP!! I had hoped to not get my hopes up, but it just all feels so within reach! I guess I just need to have faith in that what is meant to be, will be, and if it doesn't work out..then that's okay, at least I tried. I just hope so much that Ana and I can go through this together!! She is in Florida and I am in Ohio, and it would be a lot of traveling for the both of us, but how amazing would this be?! I just pray that it will work out with my job (if it happens at all) and our finances. OHHH PLEASE WORK OUT!!

In other news, I am having surgery on Tuesday to remove yet ANOTHER kidney stone. Blah!! In December or so I had to have Lithotripsy to blast a kidney stone, and apparently a piece of it is now stuck right up against my bladder. I don't feel it (thank God..that is a miracle in itself!) but the doctor wants to be sure to get it out so it doesn't cause a blockage and cause bigger problems down the road. They basically have to go up my Ureter (which is where you pee) and blast it up into smaller pieces and remove the pieces. TALK ABOUT OUCH!! I have had this once before and was sooo sore right the worst burning in the world when urinating!! SOO not looking forward to this.

I am also getting braces in 3 weeks as well! I am pretty excited but I know what to expect. I have already had braces before but my Orthodontist found that my bottom teeth are too big for my jaw so no matter what they would have gone back to being crooked. So I have to have my front bottom teeth shaved down on the sides to make room for them to be straight. Anyway, I will have to post pics when I am a brace-face!!!

That's all for now, just wanted to get it off of my chest!