Sunday, June 7, 2009

The show is on the road!

WOW!!! This last trip to NYC was definitely the most stressful, THAT'S for sure! We had an amazing drive in this time. I drank a Rockstar and actually was able to drive half of the way (for once..I always fall asleep!) and Ross got an Amp for his drive and we were set! We actually made good time too and got to the train station at about 7:15am. We grabbed some iced coffees and something small for breakfast and had to wait about 40 minutes or so for the next train since the weekend schedule isn't as often. So, we get on the train and get to the next station and they announce that we were being held there because of a power outage at New York-Penn Station. We waited for like 20 minutes and then they came on saying that we could get on another train, go to another station, and then take the PATH train into the city. So, we did that, but I was totally frightened once we were headed down the escalator only to see people flying off of it at the bottom into a sea of people!! It was like I saw my death before my eyes! I knew I was going to be one of those people in only a matter of seconds! Anyhow, lucky for us the people at the bottom cleared the way before we got down there. Once we were down there I said screw it because there were SO many people waiting for the same train..we weren't going to get on. So, we went back upstairs to the train we had gotten off of and decided to wait it out..then, they announced that the train was turning around and going back to the station we had come from! We got off and went to a different platform and waited for a different train, we waited probably 30-40 minutes for that on, and then went to a totally unfamiliar train station. We then got on another train to take us into the city (which we had to wait for as well..actually we had to wait for 2 before we could actually get on because there were so many people cramming onto them). We got on, and it took us to another unfamiliar station, luckily there was a subway there and we were able to find a route that would take us to where we needed to get off! UGH! So, what should have taken us 1 hour, took us 4! Ross was able to laugh about Not so much.

So, we got to the clinic and all I had to do this time was get blood taken. So, we talked to the coordinator and asked him if we could wait for the results since we are from out of town, we needed to know if we had to stay or not. So, we waited for about an the mean time I went to see if they could extend my FMLA since it only went through the 8th. Well, basically they said no because since the one they were able to fill out was because I had surgery there and paid for it. Since I am receiving free treatment I am really only a number (I check in with a #..not my name) so when my work would call to get medical records, they would only have a surgery listed under my name and nothing else. Freaking awesome. Bah!

After waiting, they called me back and said that my transfer is on Wednesday! WOW! He said that I ovulated on Friday so 5 days after that is Wednesday. They have to do the transfer on Wednesday because they froze the eggs on day 5. We have to go on Tuesday for blood work just to confirm the transfer date, and then the transfer will be the next day! So, he said I basically just have to take it totally easy on that we have decided just to stay the night and then drive back the next day, and I will take it easy Thursday too. I am going to try to take it as easy as possible until it's the date I get tested to find out if I get pregnant or not! I am also taking Estrace (estradiol) 2x a day, and taking a progesterone suppository every night (fun, right?) and will continue those he said for 6 weeks.

So, that's where we are! We are SO close!! If you pray, please please pray that this is it and it works! This is just about our last chance to ever have our own baby and I just pray it works! I feel like I am almost too confident that it's going to work..and I know that I will be let down that much harder if it doesn't work, but I have to remain positive and let nothing get to me!

Better run, I will post when I get back! Wish us luck!



Anonymous said...

Jen I couldn't be happier for you guys! How amazingly strong you are! Josh and I have been praying for you guys daily. Please keep us updated on your progress! Good luck girl!

- Heather

Jrho said...

I have been following your blog for the past couple of weeks...My prayers are with you. We are about to embark on the same journey with Mini-IVF in St. Louis,(with not quite as much traveling!) Your success will give me new hope for the treatment. Thanks for sharing your story...I will be watching for an update.