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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I'm feeling....

Well, I am a whopping 4 weeks and 3 days along! But I thought I would use this to document everything like I have with our infertility. So far I have only had minor symptoms such as: fatigue, getting hungry more often, urinating more often, and I am STILL having this metal taste in my mouth! A few days before we found out I started tasting a metal taste in my mouth..but I made myself believe it wasn't a symptom and kept telling myself it was my braces! Anyhow, I am still tasting it and today it has been a lot more than other days. That's okay though because I know these are only minor for what's to come..and I am TOTALLY fine with that!

I am really excited that by sharing our experience we have had some people come out to us and ask questions as they are having to go through this themselves. That is the whole reason I put this out there and informed everyone about our NYC trips. I feel like God had given us this challenge to be able to help others. I hope the word can spread even further and we get really be a source of help for people..SO, if you know anyone who is going through infertility or if they think they will have to go through it..PLEASE send them our way! If they don't want to leave a comment on here, feel free to email me @

Okay..that's really it for now..I am SO exhausted! Maybe time for a nap!