Sunday, September 13, 2009

16 weeks :)

There is my 16 week belly pic! I can actually really notice a difference this week between the two pictures. I can't really tell on myself, but putting them side to side makes me feel like things are okay and this little one is doing well. We are so excited that we find out what we are having in about 2 1/2 weeks! I am probably going to be a nervous wreck that day waiting in anticipation! We have been going to baby stores and just can't wait to register and buy clothes and everything..SO amazing!

AFM, I am feeling pretty good. I'm not AS tired as I was in the beginning but still tired. I am still having some major food aversions..but it's getting better I think. Last week I had 2 days where I had a nasty sinus headache and it affected me so much that I couldn't eat..they made me feel soo nauseous! I am headed back to the ENT though on Wednesday so I am hoping something can be done. Other than that, I haven't felt the baby move yet, but I will be so excited when I do! That will be another sign that everything is okay.

That's about it for now but I wanted to post the picture before I forgot! Hope everyone is well!


MissRebecca said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through a friend and wanted to send you my love and prayers for a healthy and Happy rest of your pregancy:) I am an infertility and multiple miscarriage survivor and I can understand how you could just be glowing as you are! This baby will always have something extra special about it... I am lucky enought to be blessed with 2 amazing girls, one the result of tons of infertility treatments and the other... a complete blessed surprise 4 months after my daughter was born. I lost two babies before my girls and I have lost 2 since... it is so difficult. But I am so happy to see you are at 16 weeks and everything looks great! Glad to see another blog with infertility awareness information!

I will be following to see what happens at your BIG ultrasound:)