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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our ultrasound :)

Hey! Alright, I can finally post about our amazing ultrasound!

Anyhow, first was just so AMAZING!! First the tech had the normal 2D u/s on to determine the sex, and the minute she said "It's a girl" everyone screamed! Luckily so many people went, it was nice to have a family that is so supportive! Out of my family it was my mom, dad, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, and cousin..and out of his? His mom. I'm just thankful she came. After that she was moving around like CRAZY! Every time we have seen her, she has been SO active.

She started out pretty much upside down with her head and belly facing down, then she turned facing in towards me, then she flipped facing out..she was everywhere! The tech was amazed at how active she was. In the 3D, she started with her right hand covering her face..but then later she still had her hand up there but it looked exactly like she was blowing kisses! She had her hand under her chin! She was in so many cute positions it's hard to think of them all! Let's see..we have a really good picture of her doing a peace is hilarious! She also was laying with her hands above her head for a little while..then it looked like she was cuddling up with my was so cute! She had her hands by her face and knees pulled was awesome! For awhile there she would literally kick and push off of my uterus too! I was amazed that I wasn't feeling it! Anyway..if you are friends with me on facebook Ross made a video and I am tagged in it so you should be able to see most of the pictures..I haven't had a chance to put them up yet.

Anyway, better run but wanted to let you know what it was like!

Oh! And her name is Avery Hope! We have loved the name Avery but when we decided the middle name Hope..we chose that for sure. We chose Hope as a middle name because it is part of the name of the clinic "New Hope" and without them, this opportunity never would have happened! And also, without Hope..we never would have gotten through all of the tough times when dealing with infertility.

Okay gotta go!


Ana F said...

Jenn!! Congrats for a little girl!! I love her name!!! I wish you a happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancy!