Monday, November 9, 2009's been awhile!

WOW! I can't believe it! I am already 24 weeks along! The pic above is me at 23 weeks however..I haven't gotten my new pictures uploaded. I am just in AWE of how amazing this experience is! I love my little girl so much I can't even stand it! Now I am REALLY feeling her kicks and even Ross is able to feel them a lot of the time. Her personality is already so stinkin cute!

My last appointment was at 22 weeks and I was measure at 21 which is totally normal. You should measure within 2 weeks of how far you actually are, either way. I'm hoping she will stay smaller as she has been. At our ultrasound with the doctor, she was in the 35th percentile. My OB says no big babies for me! I'm too small to handle a big baby. My next appointment is @ 26 weeks and I will be doing my glucose test (wish me luck!).

We have purchased all of our furniture!!! Yay! We just really need to get the bedding now so that we can paint and get everything put together. With the holidays coming we really want to get it done so that once I have my showers we can just put everything away.

Anyhow, things are great over here, loving every minute and feeling blessed every minute. I still can't even believe it a lot of the time! My weight gain has been great too, only at 5.5lbs. My OB wants me to gain about 5lbs this month since I lost weight in the beginning.

Okay, that's about it for now! I will try harder to keep posting!