Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A second miracle is in the making!!

Yepp!  I am pregnant!!  Our frozen embryo transfer was a success!!  To be completely honest, I am pretty shocked.  I was preparing myself for the moment they told me it was negative.  I just haven't had any distinct symptoms like I did last time.  

I actually didn't get the call until today because for some reason they never received the fax yesterday.  I was sick to my stomach about it but refused to take a urine pregnancy test because I knew that since it had only been 7 days since my transfer that it probably wouldn't register on a HPT.  

I accidentally left my numbers at home but I do know that my hCG was 31 (anything over 25 is considered a pregnancy.  My hCG was 26 with Avery on the same day) and my progesterone was 30 which she said is great.  My estrogen was also in the 400's, I want to say 419.  All of these numbers are higher than they were with Avery, so I am praying for another healthy pregnancy!!!  

The amount of support has been INCREDIBLE.  This news is out in the open as we had SO many people supporting us, and I just couldn't expect them all to wait months to find out.  Not to mention, I believe in prayer and the more prayers we have, the better.  

I will go on Friday for more bloodwork to make sure my numbers are going up.  What an AMAZING Christmas miracle!!!

Thank you everyone!!


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That is soooo exciting!