Sunday, December 18, 2011

Transfer is complete!

This has been SUCH a busy week for us!  Though, I will say that it is better this way.  It makes the 1 week wait a lot easier.  

The transfer was on Tuesday.  We left on Monday afternoon after visiting our dear friends calling hours.  The drive was fairly easy and we didn't run into any traffic at all!  We only made 2 stops, one was to eat and the other for gas and a restroom break.  We made it there around midnight however we didn't get to the hotel until about 12:15.  Let me tell you, the roads there are CRAZY!  Thank goodness for our GPS!  We literally had to drive passed the hotel about 4 different times on 4 different roads to get there, it was the strangest thing!  This time we stayed by the airport because a great friend was able to bless us with his friends and family discount.  Once we got there, we got settled in and went straight to bed. 

We woke up and it was our 8 year anniversary!  Perfect timing, eh?  We went downstairs for breakfast and got ready.  We were able to catch the hotel shuttle to the airport, we then had to catch the train from there.  We got off at our usual stop, New York Penn Station.  We usually get on the subway there to head to the clinic but we decided to just go up and walk for a bit.  It took us right around Times Square and we were able to see the huge Macy's!  We had originally planned on having an early lunch at our favorite diner there but since we changed our plans, we didn't really have enough time.  We just grabbed a donut and bagel from a cart along the street (SO GOOD!) and went to the clinic.

We arrived a little early but I was taken up and had to change into the gown, booties, and hairnet.  I had to wait quite awhile because I guess there was some sort of emergency situation holding the doctor up.  There was one lady ahead of me.  Once it was my turn it was super quick.  I got into the room, got on the bed, put my legs in the stirrups (seriously, I haven't had any modesty for about 5 years), and they showed me our little embryo on the screen.  I had to verify that my name was correct.  The doctor came in and told me what a beautiful embryo it was.  He thought I had a normal delivery however I told him I had to have an emergency c-section and he said that it could potentially lower my chances of conceiving due to the scaring from the surgery.  

He inserted the speculum, put the ultrasound want in, and it all started.  It was amazing to watch them take the embryo in the catheter and put it into my uterus on the screen.  The technology is incredible!!

Afterwards he told me that he "expected me to get pregnant".  He was incredibly nice and he was actually the same doctor who did my transfer with Avery.  I got off of the table immediately after and went and laid back in a chair for 30 minutes.  After that, I received a shot in my buttox of HCG. The nurse also commented on what a beautiful embryo it was.  She told me to continue my medication (1 Estrace pill per day and 3 Prometrium suppositories per day) and to not make myself bedridden for the next week and that walking is the best medicine!  

I will be having my blood test on Tuesday.  Which is now only a day and a half away!  Being so busy has really helped keep my mind off of it, which is good.  Tomorrow might be a little harder because it is back to the usual routine of work.  It was awesome having the last week off.

Anyhow, after I was done there we went to our favorite diner to eat and went back to the hotel.  We rested for awhile and then later ordered in dinner and it was SO good!  It was a pretty amazing anniversary if I do say so :)

Thank you all for your prayers along the way and PLEASE keep them coming!  

I'm not really noticing any symptoms but I'm not worried about it. I'm feeling crampy on and off but that could be from anything.  When I was pregnant with Avery the only symptom I really noticed myself was a metal taste in my mouth the day before my blood test.  Ross noticed a few different things on my chest last time but I won't mention those, LOL.  This time he claims he does..but he's always the positive one!

I will post on Tuesday once I know something! Thank you!


Infertile Mormon Mommy said...

YAY! Glad things went well. Hope to hear some more good news soon! :)